The Dalai Lama Foundation Awards Scholarships 2019

The Dalai Lama Foundation’s 2019 Graduate Scholarship Program today announced the selection of 16 new and 14 renewed scholarships. Awardees will receive a scholarship of up to $10,000. A total of US$ 239,500 has been awarded.

The DLF Graduate Scholarship Program started in 2011. Since then, approximately US$ 2 million has been awarded to around 160 Tibetan students. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate excellence within their chosen fields, who are of good character, and who manifest compassion and wisdom, values dear to Tibetan culture, in their work.

The Foundation provides these scholarships, on behalf of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, as part of a wish to contribute to the benefit of humanity. The scholarship is intended to support the development of human capital of the Tibetan people.

Like previous beneficiaries, recipients of the 2019 scholarships have enrolled in American, Canadian, France, German and Switzerland universities pursuing PhD studies in Cell Biology, Pharmacology, Law, and Comparative & International Education. Graduate students specializing in Business Administration, Computer Science, International Affairs, Nano Electronic Systems, and Technology & Economics.

The Foundation’s independent Scholarship Selection Committee diligently reviewed each of the applications, short-listed potential candidates and then conducted individual interviews.

From next year, the Graduate Scholarship Program will be administered by Gaden Phodrang Foundation of the Dalai Lama based in Switzerland.

8 August 2019